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Advocate for Your Heart Health

Advocate for Your Heart Health

January 27, 2023

A busy schedule is never an excuse to ignore your health– but more often than not, we all fall victim to putting our work, social, and family life, ahead of our well-being. Especially when it comes to our heart health. While we don’t always want to assume the worst, if you are feeling symptomatic or inhibited in your day-to-day schedule or have just never been checked out–see a doctor. Heart health is something largely overlooked, and if you don’t advocate for yourself– well, who else will?

We are lucky enough to live in a day in age where medical professionals, technology, and medicine are available to treat a wide range of health conditions. In order to utilize these solutions available, we need to advocate for ourselves and recognize when we are having a problem. Here are some tips for taking care of and control of your heart health.

Family history

Even if you are not particularly symptomatic, if your family has a history of heart-related conditions, see a doctor to gain peace of mind or even catch a problem before it seriously impacts your life.

Get opinions

Every doctor has different approaches and ideas on how to find or address a problem. Getting a second opinion, or even a third, can help you weigh out your options or even find something someone else didn’t.

Trust your gut

If something is wrong, speak up. Tell your doctor what you are experiencing, and never undermine your own pain. While your doctors are there to help you find the problem, you have to lay out the clues that will help them discover it.

Good feedback

So, you get checked out and everything is golden, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re free and clear for the rest of your life. Your heart health should still always be taken into account especially as you get older. You might not need to pay the doctor a visit as often as you would if there were a problem, but it’s still important to keep an eye on how you’re feeling over time.

Make the most of your visits to the doctor, and ask about some lifestyle tips to ensure you stay heart-healthy for the long run.


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