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Make A Pet Silhouette

Make A Pet Silhouette

July 08, 2022

Most pet lovers would agree that the animals we bring into our homes become more than just pets—they become members of the family. So why not celebrate them as you would any other family addition by incorporating their images throughout your home?


Photo of your pet

X-ACTO® knife

Cutting mat


Piece of white card stock

Decorative paper

Picture frame


  1. Print out the photo of your pet so that it is large enough to fill your picture frame, and cut out just the outline of your pet, disregarding the rest of the photo.
  2. Trace the outline of the pet cutout onto the piece of card stock. Keeping all four sides of the paper connected, carefully cut your pet’s shape from the center of the paper, and disregard the scraps. (Note: You will only need to keep the card stock border with the cutout outline of your pet.)
  3. To complete the silhouette, simply place the piece of decorative paper behind the card stock, place both into the frame, and display.


This article was prepared by ReminderMedia.

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